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New co-Editor-in-chief discusses goals for the new academic year

Nearly three years ago, I stumbled into the lobby of CFA at the beginning of a very humid September morning. I was only 17 years old and just as dazed and confused as any college freshman. Looking for my dorm keys, I approached a booth that I confused with Campus Safety’s. It was The Knox Student’s. I was impressed by the mature (and tall) editors who seemed double my age, and agreed to attend a TKS meeting, partially because I was too intimidated to say no.

Since then, I moved from co-mosaic editor to co-news editor and then to Managing Editor. Now, I’m beyond proud and excited to be stepping in as Editor-in-Chief of TKS. I never thought I would be good enough to be Editor-in-chief, but I’m so excited to prove myself, and to hopefully live up to the legacy that the previous editors-in-chief have left for me. I’m scared, but I’m excited, and I’m proud.

I’m proud of this newspaper. I’m proud that we’ve continued to prove ourselves and win prestigious awards among larger, daily newspapers. I’m proud that our alumni leave TKS to pursue incredible careers and credit their time at TKS as a time of growth and professional development. I’m proud that next year’s paper will be under the leadership of two female editors-in-chief, and that most of our staff is female. I’m proud of what this paper has accomplished, and what lies ahead.

But that’s not enough. The Knox Student is not just a place for journalists and media aficionados. TKS should be an institution from which you, the readers, acquire information. As a newspaper, it’s our job to keep our fingers on the pulse of campus so we can best serve you and provide you with the most relevant information. There’s no reason shouldn’t be your default homepage. We can’t do that without your help. Send news tips to Write a letter to the editor or an op-ed and send it to Interact with us on social media. By simply interacting with our newspaper and writing in to us, you’ve made the 10 plus hours we work weekly worth it.

Here are a few things I want to focus on this year:

Investigative and in-depth reporting: It’s important that we ask tough questions and delve deeper into the intricacies of this campus. TKS was founded by muckrakers and investigative journalists, and I want to uphold and honor that tradition.

More multimedia: Next year, we’ll be bringing you more videos, social media and interactive online content. Look forward to an updated website and more visual content.

More presence on campus: We’re excited to collaborate with various clubs and organizations to hold more on-campus workshops and lectures and off-campus lectures and fieldtrips. If your club wants to get involved with this, please get in touch.

Commitment to our ethics statement: This summer I’ll be reviewing our ethics statement, analyzing the ways we’ve interacted and served readers and preparing a style guide that will present a standard to hold anyone who works for TKS to.

Earlier this term, I wrote a column about holding TKS accountable to the standards we’ve kept in place since the 1800s. I hold this newspaper to a really high standard, and I hope you do too.


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