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Student responds to “Youth a red flag for Knox”

Dear Editor,

I would like to address those former players quoted in the article regarding the new direction of the Women’s Soccer and Track and Field Programs: Please understand that there are people within your very programs seeking to create a championship culture, where increased time commitment is a necessity to take the next step as a program. You’re not in high school anymore. You signed on to play college athletics. If you don’t want the time commitment, I’m sure your teammates are relieved you chose to leave the program, as your relatively lesser work ethic and commitment level is evidence of the discrepancy between your goals and theirs. As Lou Holtz says, there are three ways to improve as a program: Recruit, Develop, and Eliminate. As a two sport athlete at Knox, I feel I can speak for other serious athletes and teammates in saying I would rather go to work every day in practice and competition with a fewer number of teammates. This way, at least I know they share my same work ethic, priorities and overall goals for the improvement of our program.



Matt McCaffrey


Matt McCaffrey

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