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Caxton Club brings Curtiss and Minicucci

This week, Caxton Club’s first reading of the term will feature poets Caleb Curtiss and Matthew Minicucci. “It’s a double-header, it’s very cool,” Caxton Club president and senior Kelly Clare said of the reading.


“These are currently publishing poets,” Clare said. “They’re teaching at different institutions, they have different backgrounds than the people we’re normally exposed to, they’re writing differently than our faculty members, and it’s very exciting.”

Curtiss is the author of a chapbook entitled The Taxonomy of the Space Between Us which will be published this year, and also serves as the poetry editor for HOBART: another literary journal. “You could ask Curtiss a lot about small presses and publishing and how does an online literary journal work as opposed to a physical copy, what his feelings are on the publishing industry,” Clare said.


Minicucci is the author of Translation, an award-winning collection that was published on Sept. 1, and is currently an instructor of English at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign.


Caxton works in conjunction with the English Department to bring poets, essayists and novelists to Knox for readings, in addition to assisting with facilitation and advertisement of those events. Poet Jeff Baker will read on Oct. 30, and English Department faculty member Rob Smith will read on Nov. 6, both in the Alumni Room in Old Main. In February, Caxton will host TJ Jarrett.


In all cases, Clare said, there are many ways Knox students can interact with the readings. “Try reading the work before going to the event, because it’s worth seeing it on the page and then hearing it out loud,” she said. “It’s also nice just to swing into a reading knowing nothing and be knocked over. There should be a cheese plate, maybe some baked goods, maybe even some sparkling juice. Many reasons to come.”


The event will take place on Oct. 2 at 4 p.m., located at Associate Professor of English Monica Berlin’s Space, on Kellogg Street.


Carly Taylor, Staff Writer

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