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TKS player of the week, Rose Griffin

This week sophomore Rose Griffin has been named the Knox Player of the Week for her performance against Lake Forest. Coming into the contest against Illinois College on Wednesday, Griffin had far and away the most kills (180) and points (205) on the team.

Throughout the five sets Griffin compiled a total of 23 kills and racked up 24.5 points out of the team’s 71. Griffin also came away with a block to help the Prairie Fire push past Lake Forest and clinch their first conference win of the season.

The Prairie Fire lost the first set to the Foresters, but rallied. Knox won the next two sets, eager to put the pressure back on the Foresters. After barely losing the fourth set 24-26, the match came down to a final fifth set to 15. The Fire ended up pulling it off, as they took the fifth set 15-10.

Coming back as a sophomore with a new coach in Ashley McDonough, the pressure was on Griffin as well as the rest of the team to come out and play well in the first conference game of the year. The situation runs parallel to when Griffin came in last year to play for the Fire; arriving from Rosati-Kain High School in Missouri to a new program, Griffin made an immediate impact on the team, leading the squad in both kills and points.

A 3-0 sweep against Beloit in their next contest lead the Fire to their second conference win and, more importantly, to the top of the Midwest Conference. After defeating Beloit, the Prairie Fire have their sights set above and beyond their three total MWC wins last season. The ladies play Illinois College this Wednesday at home and Grinnell College this upcoming Saturday at Grinnell.

Jeremy Gogoel

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