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MadCo’s “Liquid Roads,” jazz music, attracts interest from Knox students

The Dance department at Knox regularly hosts trips to see dance productions in big cities like Chicago and St. Louis, and the next field trip is to see MadCo, the Modern American Dance Company. MadCo is based in St. Louis, and they rehearse and perform at the University of Missouri, St. Louis, at the Tou-Hill Performing Arts Center.

MadCo’s latest show is called Liquid Roads, an interactive experience that is all about Jazz Culture. Terpsichore Dance Collective Vice President senior Hannah Steele says, “It’s such a great show, it has some serious moments, and some really hilarious moments. It really captures jazz culture from both sides [dance and music].”

Not only are the students going on this trip going to see Liquid Roads, but the dancers will have the opportunity to work with the company, and musicians will get to participate in a jam session. There will also be a panel for students to ask questions to those involved in the production.

“It’s also a great opportunity for departments at Knox to work together,” said Steele. This trip is not only open to Music and Dance students, but to any students who want to attend. “We have an unlimited number of tickets, so we can bring as many people as we can get.”

The cost to attend is $20 per student, which includes transportation and admission to the show and workshops. The deadline to sign up is Saturday, Oct. 10, and anyone who is interested in attending should contact Hannah Steele at

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