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The Moth comes to Galesburg

Since its conception in 2009, The Moth Radio Hour has aired on over 200 radio stations across the country.

The Moth travels to different cities and towns across the U.S. to find people to tell their stories, and recently Galesburg has been chosen. There will be a live storytelling event in Galesburg on Friday, Nov. 6, where Galesburg residents will be able to share a little piece of their lives with the national broadcaster. The entire country will be able to hear what it’s like to live in Galesburg, Ill.

The theme for the show in Galesburg is “flirting with disaster,” and all of the stories will center around that theme. “There will be five storytellers that represent a diverse cross-section of people. Men and women, people of different ages, backgrounds and ethnic identities. One teller comes from the Galesburg community, another from Australia, yet another has emigrated from Poland. They share the stage in order to talk about an experience that profoundly shaped who they are and how they see the world,” said Maggie Cino, Senior Producer at The Moth.

Galesburg was chosen as the next site for the show for a variety of reasons. “When Tri-State Radio approached us and suggested partnering on one of our curated storytelling evenings, we were thrilled. The Moth is interested in gathering stories from communities all around the world, and coming to Galesburg allowed us to search for voices that we might not otherwise have found! We’re also eager to share some of our most beloved stories to the community. The wonderful thing about storytelling is that as different as our experiences are it’s really the similarities that resonate,” Cino said.

The stories being told will cover a wide range of topics, from divorce to jury duty, from moving all the way around the world to being victimized by an Internet scam. “Some are funny, some sad, and all are profoundly moving,” said Cino.

With a radio show with as big of a following as The Moth coming to the Orpheum Theater, it will definitely have an impact on the Galesburg community. “When a person speaks simply and sincerely about an important experience it’s deeply affecting. Listening to such different experiences creates a bond among audiences and tellers. A story told onstage ignites up a different personal story in the mind of each audience member and creates a dialogue within the community. An evening at the Moth doesn’t stop once the stories are over. They continue for a long time into the future,” said Cino. Ticket prices range from $28.50-$38.50, and the event is open to all ages.

Elizabeth Clay

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