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Terpsichore presents breadth of dance forms

This Thursday and Friday, Terpsichore Dance Collective will be putting on their biggest show yet. With 14 different dances by 14 different choreographers, the show encompasses a plethora of dance forms from ballet to breaking.

“There are some really fun pieces and some really serious pieces, and some sexy pieces and some funny pieces, so it’s everywhere,” said Terpsichore Vice President senior Hannah Steele. “There will be solos, duets, small groups, large groups. Everything.”

The theme for this term’s show is “Vitality,” because it is full of life and represents the diversity of Terpsichore and the dance department at Knox. “There’s just so much depth and diversity in what has been created this term, and we just think it brings so much life not only to the choreographers and to the dancers, but we hope it brings it to the audience as well, with what was created. People put a lot of thought in different ways of what they wanted to put on the stage and were just really excited about it, and even just watching all of the pieces makes us very happy,” said Steele.

Unlike last year, this will be the only Terp show this school year. “That’s just because there’s so much growth in dance at this school, we’ve decided that that’s the best way to go, and winter term there’s just no theatre space with Rep Term, and they’re putting in a lot of effort in the Theatre department so we wouldn’t want to even try to take away from that,” said Steele.

Though there will be no show Spring Term, that does not mean Terp will not be as active as ever. Terpsichore will still hold events, some that they have put on before and some new additions.


“We’re still planning on doing lots of really cool things and we’re excited about embracing the new opportunity to do other things since we’ll have more resources since we’re not dedicating them all toward a show that term,” said Steele. With the rapid growth of the dance program, the formal show Spring Term will be on behalf of the Dance department while Terpsichore uses its resources for other projects.

“There’s been so much involvement that’s come out of it and in every kind of level, and also there’s so much diversity there as well because our dance program does give opportunities to everyone whether or not they’ve danced before college, which is something that’s rare and unique,” said Steele. Every Terpsichore show is unique because it’s made up of the talent and diverse visions of what students happen to be involved in within a given year. With an expected run time of an hour and 30 minutes, with a brief intermission, “Vitality” will represent the breadth of the Knox population. “I think this is a really good reflection of where Knox is right now, because I think we’re in a good place.”

The show will run on Thursday, Nov. 12 and Friday, Nov. 13, with doors opening at 6:30 p.m. and the show beginning at 7 p.m. There will be dance improvisation during the pre-show as usual, and Soulfege, Knox’s student-run a cappella group, will be performing as well.

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