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Celebrating Valentine’s Day for one

Hug an animal 

Who needs human companionship when there are furry friends to be loved instead? The Knox County Humane Society has tons of cats up for adoption who can be visited and cuddled by members of the community and dogs in need of walking if you’re willing to brave the February weather. Studies have shown that petting cats and dogs significantly reduces stress levels, and since it’s not only Valentine’s Day but also the end of midterms, what better way to unwind? Print a copy of the volunteer form online ( under the “How You Can Help” tab) or ask for one when you arrive, sign it and you’re good to go.

The Humane Society is, unfortunately, not within walking distance of campus, located near Walmart at 1855 Windish Dr. But the relative distance serves as an excellent opportunity to gather your fellow singles, rent the Cube from the Car Share and make a day of it. Head to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch first and then let the smell of barbecue draw the cats to you for some no-strings-attached Valentine’s Day love.

See a movie

Of the three movies releasing at the Galesburg AMC 8 this Friday, none of them are particularly romantic.

The highly anticipated “Deadpool,” is based on the infamous Marvel Comics anti-hero. There have been various fan-made trailers released on YouTube recently, making it seem like a romantic film full of hearts and flowers, when in reality it will be full of revenge and thrills in typical Marvel fashion.

Also releasing Friday is “How to be Single.” Set in New York City, it is about a group of unattached city dwellers looking for love while learning to love themselves. From the trailer, it looks like this film will include both laughs and some feel-good moments, and would make for a great night out with fellow single friends.

Another unlikely pick for Valentine’s Day weekend, “Zoolander 2” releases on Friday. Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller reprise their respective roles Hansel and Derek Zoolander, two narcissistic male models on a quest for revenge against an opposing modeling company. It includes an all-star cast, including Justin Bieber himself.

Eat chocolate

While love is great and all, the real celebration takes place in the candy aisle – shelves and shelves of chocolate marked down to fit the college student’s budget. However, if you don’t want to wait until the 15th for discounted sweets, consider attending the Galesburg Historical Society’s 30th annual Chocolate Festival. Running Feb. 13-14, the celebration will include an array of chocolate goods to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Cookies, cakes and candy are only a few of the mouth-watering offerings included with admission.

Prior to the event tickets can be purchased for $8 at several familiar locations, including the Beanhive, Innkeepers, Q’s Cafe and on campus in the Kleine Center for Community Service in Alumni Hall. If Valentine’s Day plans fall through the cracks or you find yourself scrambling for something fun to do, tickets will also be available for $10 at the door. Only a short walk from campus, this year’s festival will be held at 156 E. Main St. from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. both afternoons. If you’re feeling tired of routine trips to the fat cave, this delicious buffet is the perfect opportunity to sweeten things up.


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Nadia Spock, Managing Editor
Nadia Spock is a junior with interests in gender and women’s studies, journalism, and creative writing. She has been involved in journalism for five years, and this is her first year working as Co-Mosaic Editor for TKS. Nadia served as features editor for Minneapolis South High School’s The Southerner her junior and senior year, and was awarded the Minnesota High School Press Association Gold Medallion Award for first place feature story in 2012. Before transferring to Knox, Nadia worked as a staff writer for The Daily at the University of Washington.

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