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Theft, burglaries top list after fire alarms

Thefts and burglaries followed fire alarms closely in 2015. According to the Campus Safety log, 48 incidents of theft and burglary were reported that year. Six incidents took place in the Memorial Gym and Center for Fine Arts, each.

According to Director of Campus Safety Mark Welker, it’s common that a theft would happen in open buildings like CFA or the gym.

“That’s not uncommon from other campuses I’ve been at. The more open an environment is, the more likely you’ll get these thefts of opportunity,” he said.

Of the 13 incidents of sexual assault or misconduct reported in 2015, only three locations were reported: CFA, Post Hall and Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Locations aren’t often reported because students might report incidents anonymously, or report to another staff member. Campus Safety is required to track the “bare minimum,” in coordination with the Clery Act, Welker said.

“We’ve got to report it, but we may not be able to report specifics,” he said.

Most alcohol and cannabis violations were reported in Hamblin Hall six cannabis violations and three alcohol violations were reported in 2015, according to the log.

Welker said that other than an upswing in catcalling during Fall Term, he hadn’t noticed any trends in criminal activity on campus.

“When we can identify a trend we try to focus patrols there without neglecting other parts of campus,” he said.

Welker started as Director of Campus Safety at Knox in July 2015.



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