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Letter to the Editor: Clinton seeks to abolish Fifth Commandment

To the Editor:

Hillary Clinton is an abolitionist, but she is not like the abolitionists who founded Knox College. No, the Democratic candidate for President of the United States believes that the holy Fifth Commandment which motivated the American abolitionists should be rejected and abolished.

This infallible Commandment issued by the Creator of the universe declares: “You shall not kill!” Mrs. Clinton is a zealous proponent of the abolition of this command of God. Hillary Clinton believes that unborn children can be legally killed by abortion even by a method called partial birth, which is the killing of the unborn baby positioned in the birth canal. Aborted children are the contemporary slaves.

Mrs. Clinton’s support for the abolition of the Fifth Commandment is also manifested by her support of the killing of innocent Iraqis in the American attack on Iraq March 19, 2003. When the United States unjustly attacked Iraq that day, large numbers of Iraqi children of God were murdered, but Mrs. Clinton, who voted for the authorization to invade Iraq, did not care if a large number of killings took place because she believes in immoral killings as a proponent of the abolition of the Fifth Commandment.

Hillary Clinton has also condoned the killing of the citizens of Libya where the United States government spent over one billion dollars in bombs assaulting the people. Mrs. Clinton supported the American killing of the citizens of Syria too. Clearly, Mrs. Clinton is an active proponent of the abolition of the Fifth Commandment as manifested by her decisions.

Few challenge Mrs. Clinton’s attempts to destroy the Fifth Commandment, especially the male representatives of the Christian communities; pastors, priests, bishops and popes in particular. The Christian male religious have been mute about Mrs. Clinton’s assault on the Fifth Commandment because they are moral wimps who are exclusively concerned about their institutional status. Consequently, these cowardly men, unlike the early abolitionists, don’t want to get involved by challenging Mrs. Clinton’s evil attempt to destroy and abolish the Fifth Commandment. What to do?

Women, because the men are cowards, stand up to evil Hillary Clinton. Challenge her attempts to abolish the Commandments of God as the women abolitionists did. Pray to the mother of Jesus who was more courageous than a pope and bishops.


Joseph E. Vallely

TKS Editorial Board

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