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Good Athlete Project launches at Knox

Junior Matt McCaffrey and sophomore Jordan Anderson discuss the launch of the Good Athlete Project at Knox aimed at enhancing the impact coaches have on their athletes. (Dan Perez/TKS)

A new club has started meeting at Knox called the Good Athlete Project, and it hopes to spread its influence quickly into the greater Galesburg community.

Jim Davis, a Knox College alumni, started the organization, and recently decided to form college chapters. That way, students who are passionate about athletics could share their love for all aspects of their game with their community.

Junior football player Matt McCaffrey was personally asked by Davis to help bring it to Knox this year, knowing him from when Davis served as his high school football coach.

McCaffrey reported that the Knox branch of the club already has a large group of students who are interested in participating, with 36 students at the club’s first meeting last week.

However, McCaffrey recognizes that the club needs to reach out to more non-athletes at Knox.

“I think it would be awesome if we could get non-athletes involved. I really want every walk of life to be involved. The diversity would really help us get the most out of the organization.”

That’s where the Good Athlete Project comes in. Their mission statement says, “Character development cannot be mass-produced Ð working on-site and remotely, we will develop and empower coaches to make a significant, worldwide contribution.”

The project travels to various organizations and coaches providing “support and resources [that] are site-specific, designed to fit the unique needs of each of our partner organizations.”

The mission is then developed before “a strategy, timeline, and action plan to accomplish those goals” is mapped out.

The Good Athlete Project believes that there is no way to develop a successful action plan without communicating with the coaches and athletes on their home turf, where they feel most comfortable.

The organization recognizes that every coach and team function under different circumstances, meaning that help must be suited specifically to their reality.

An example of one of their projects, the Good Athlete Project pledged to donate over 100 pairs of shoes to Basketball to Uplift the Youth of Haiti.

McCaffrey will serve as the president of the club, with his football teammates senior Brock Gabel and sophomore Jordan Anderson serving as vice president and treasurer, respectively.

McCaffrey is currently focused on getting the Education and Neuroscience departments at Knox involved in the project since they tie in the most with their mission. He figures that it is very likely students and professors in those departments will be interested in the new club.

McCaffrey explained that the Good Athlete Project has many different aspects and operations, from the larger branches of international consulting groups to the newer clubs forming on college campuses across the country.

These college branches will be focused on local projects, fundraising for the larger profits.

The Knox branch of the Good Athlete Project will look to start launching outreach projects into the Galesburg community in the coming weeks, hoping to help local coaches get the most of their time with the young athletes they mentor.


Emily Mosher, Sports Editor

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