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Thoughts from the Embers: Vote Monterey for Student Senate President!

At the Student Senate executive board debate it was announced that junior Leonard Monterey and sophomore Cayne Randle will be running for president for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Both Monterey and Randle have been on Student Senate for two years and have experience working with students on campus through their positions. Randle is Senate’s current Treasurer and Monterey is the Chair of Dining Services.

During the debate, both candidates outlined similar goals and expressed a desire to be as transparent with the student body as possible. They also discussed a need to make Senate more accessible to students by improving communication. We believe these are important goals that Senate can continue to improve on based on the low student turnout to the debates and weekly general assembly meetings.

As Chair of Dining Services, Monterey has been in direct contact with students on campus investigating complaints of Bon Appetit ranging from improper labeling of food with allergens to a lack hot food at the Out Post. Monterey has been key to implementing changes within dining services. During the debate, he expressed interest in continuing the work he began as Chair of Dining Services as well as improving dialogue on campus.

We were impressed by the in-depth investigation Monterey has pursued as Chair of Dining Services after receiving several comments from students working in dining services who have witnessed negative treatment of caf workers student employees.

Randle has demonstrated quality leadership skills and ability to make changes in Senate as Treasurer. During the debate, she talked about her experiences with having difficult conversations with students when they come in with additional funds requests and is active on campus through a few other organizations. However, we are concerned about her ability to make Senate a priority in her schedule. This year alone, she has missed several meetings for other clubs and organizations. Having leadership experience alone is not enough. Senate deserves a president who is willing to focus on addressing issues and concerns on campus as their main responsibility outside of the typical responsibilities of a student.

We believe that Monterey has shown his ability to actively listen to the student body’s concerns, engage with the necessary parties and work toward a feasible solution. We are happy to endorse him for the position.

TKS Editorial Board

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