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Thoughts from the Embers: Time for change in Dining Services

The past week has been an unsettling one for Bon Appetit after a picture of an insect on one of the Hard Knox Cafe’s steaks surfaced through an email sent out by an upset student.

It’s no secret that students have been disappointed with Bon Appetit’s services ever since they set up shop in the kitchen in 2015. Many students have been attempting to go off board after noticing cross-contamination and mislabeling in the caf, while others continued to stay on board but the complaints about Bon Appetit’s food have been unending since their arrival.

The real problem, however, that is often not touched on as much, is the way Bon Appetit treats their employees. The Dining Services committee, led by chair Leonard Monterey and Senate president, Sofia Tagkaloglou have been taking anonymous statements from Bon Appetit workers and students who work for Dining Services in order to further find out just how Bon Appetit has been treating workers behind the closed doors of the kitchen. The same committee is being open about the fact that they believe Bon Appetit’s Diane Welker should either make changes to the way she treats her position, or should resign.

We agree with this stance Ñ Welker has been under fire for the past three years about the way she neglects complaints and concerns about Bon Appetit, specifically concerns about health and wellness and a safe work environment for staff.

Students and faculty alike have been open about their dissatisfaction with Bon Appetit since the beginning of their time here at Knox, so why have changes not been made? And we mean changes to the food, the well-being of staff and health codes Ñ not the the interior design of The Hard Knox.

With 11 clear testimonies by Dining Services employees and student workers in hand, what more evidence does the administration need to see to understand that the Knox community deserves better?

We support the senators leading the charge as we believe that a change must be made, especially when it comes to the work environment of Bon Appetit staff. They have an incredibly hard job to do each and every day. We believe that the fact that their work environment is anything less than satisfactory goes against what Knox College stands for. With a tagline of “Human Powered,” we hope that Knox can show they value the individuals who work for the wellbeing of the school and its students, as well as the students themselves.

Dining Services workers deserve to be given a healthy and supportive work environment, just like the rest of Knox employees.

We call for Keith Archer, Anne Erhlich and Teresa Amott to work to ensure that students and workers at Knox get the level of respect that should be inherent at our school.


TKS Editorial Board

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