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Letter to the Editor: Auxiliary Gym declared safe for community use

Dear Editor,


We would like to address concerns that have been brought to our attention regarding the current use of Auxiliary Gym by a local community organization.

In October 2017, the college was approached by a local youth baseball and softball organization that was interested in leasing the gym as an all-weather practice facility. In an effort to support our local community we agreed to lease the property to them. The groups have been practicing in the gym since November and are very happy with the building and arrangement.

Recently, we’ve been made aware of concerns regarding the physical condition and safety of the building, specifically reporting that the building was condemned and contained asbestos and mold. We would like to assure everyone that Auxiliary Gym is safe for use by the current occupants. It has never been condemned, has no known mold contamination and had asbestos removed in the late 1990s. It should also be noted that the building has an occupancy limit of 50 people set by the City of Galesburg Fire Department; the groups utilizing the space are honoring that occupancy limit. All buildings on campus have occupancy limits based on their size, the number of entrances and the intended use of the buildings.

The college would never knowingly place anyone in a space that would create a risk to their health and safety. Again, please rest assured that Auxiliary Gym is safe for use by the current occupants.




Keith Archer

Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services

TKS Staff

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