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Bike Nice: Ask me anything about biking and previous columns

This column has tried to cover a lot of ground this year. In one of the remaining weeks, it’s open to your questions or opinions related to biking, personal transportation, etc.

Feel free to suggest something, or comment on any of the views expressed so far. Here’s a rough summary:


  1. We should substitute truly green work bikes for painted green Gators on some campus tasks.
  2. We should create a cycling team. Not because it’s cool, but because it’s healthy.
  3. The “Graduation Pledge” should promote alternatives to driving to work, before worrying about whether one’s workplace is eco-friendly.
  4. Helmets, traffic laws, lights: not perfect, but trust and obey.
  5. More people would ride if bikes didn’t need so darn much maintenance.
  6. It’s hard to give up cars because they make us feel like royalty.
  7. Bike parking on campus has improved from terrible to mediocre. To make it better will cost more. At the same time, bikers need to understand that we can’t park anywhere we want.
  8. Winter biking isn’t easy, but it is possible.
  9. We don’t need bike lanes on some streets; we need lower speed limits on all streets. But even safer infrastructure might not get more people riding, if the community doesn’t feel safe.
  10. Better streets could start with the streets near Knox. Two injuries, one fatality: our neighborhood needs help.
  11. Most campus sidewalks are not wide enough for both bikers and walkers. Which means bikers should slow waaay down, or ride in the street. But bikers don’t want to ride in the street because — surprise — traffic is too fast. The problem is speed.
  12. Cyclists deserve a decent share of the pavement and should pay license fees so they are taken seriously.


Send questions, comments, or objections to I’ll try to respond in one of the remaining columns this year.

Peter Bailley

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