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Terpsichore Dance Collective needs your help

Coming into Knox, I did not intend to continue my dance education. I have been dancing on and off for 10 years but was never the child that had enough money for intense formal training. I figured that dancing in a college setting would be over my skill level and I would be at a severe disadvantage, so I forgot about that dream altogether.

Luckily, the dance instructors at Knox focus more on the aspect of moving your body in space and understanding how your body works more than the technique aspect. This allows me to keep dancing in a formal setting without feeling out of place. With the help of Terpsichore Dance Collective, I am more involved in dance than I ever was before. It helps me relax when I am having intense anxiety attacks. It also helps when I am stressed out by my homework load and it keeps me moving throughout the week. Yet there is a serious issue with the spaces available at Knox for the dancing programs: there aren’t many mirrors.

After moving out of the Auxiliary Gym last year and being welcomed into CFA, there aren’t many spaces for all the dance activities on campus. Our formal dance room, which is shared with the theatre department, has four moving mirrors. The mirrors are extremely heavy, dangerous and damaging to the professional flooring that was put down for the program. This is the only dance space with mirrors on campus, leaving the Terpsichore dancers at a severe disadvantage when it comes to scheduling and choreographing for all the shows we put on throughout the year.

There is another dance space in the basement of CFA that clubs have been using, yet instead of mirrors, students have been waiting until it is dark enough to reflect their images in the large windows on the walls. Of course, windows aren’t the same as mirrors but when struggling to put together the pieces for our formal shows, we need anything we can get.

The issue with the mirrors is that they are far from cheap. Terpsichore has just launched a Knoxstarter campaign to support our funding. We are aiming for $5,000 to get eight new mirrors for our dance spaces in CFA. The mirrors will be lightweight and versatile to avoid damaging the floors any further. These mirrors will not only benefit Terpsichore, Dance Squad and the Knox Dance Program, but also other clubs in need of a room surrounded by mirrors. It will be a positive addition to our campus and will help the dance program for years to come.

If you would like to donate to our campaign, you can visit to see our campaign page for more information on our mission. It also provides a video that we filmed explaining the struggles we go through without having the proper equipment for our dancing spaces. We are extremely grateful to our supporters and any donations we get. We are looking forward to making the Knox Dance program a better environment with the help of this campaign.

Sadie Cheney, Co-Mosaic Editor
Co-Mosaic Editor

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May 17, 2018

I am not upset at the author of this post because they are simply looking out for TERP, however, as an editor that only gets a specific amount of space to publish articles, I am confused why you used a slot to promote someone giving a link to a go fund me. Discourse should be a place where people can get their voices heard and I do not believe giving a go fund me link is really promoting discourse on this campus. I ask the discourse editor to be more mindful when picking articles because frankly there is a lot going on this campus and go fund me’s are not exactly part of the news.

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