“I’m the elephant in the room”: senior shares experience as international student

Senior Shayan Nadeem had almost everything lined up for after graduation. The Galesburg School District...

0 Comments / May 23, 2020

Students discuss essential worker experience

Every now and then, Cheyenne Finke rises at five in the morning to head to work. The coffee shop chain...

0 Comments / May 21, 2020

Faculty Briefing: Faculty discuss delivery of Fall Term

In the last virtual faculty meeting of the term, Dean and Provost Michael Schneider responded to questions...

0 Comments / May 20, 2020


A look into student publications: Cellar Door

With all classes going online, this has left students in organizations wondering what should be done...

0 Comments / May 21, 2020

TKS Reviews: This Is Us

For many of us, being stuck quarantining with our families for the past few months has certainly brought...

0 Comments / May 15, 2020

Housing process adapts to changes

Each year, the housing selection process can be one of the most chaotic experiences, but Director...

0 Comments / May 11, 2020


Editor's Notebook: Reflection on TKS in digital term

As the term comes to an end, I have started slowly passing over the reigns to Carlos and Sadie. I’ve...

0 Comments / May 21, 2020

Notes from the inside: What has changed? What has not?

My friend's mother is retiring. She was a nurse. I was in a cubicle on the third floor of Seymour Library...

0 Comments / May 14, 2020

Notes from the inside: How will you remember this time? How will you spend it?

If you created a time capsule right now, what would you put in it? A few days ago I spoke to my friend...

0 Comments / May 04, 2020