Health Services adjusts during COVID-19

Health Services have modified their daily operations and physical space so they can continue to serve...

0 Comments / Sep 24, 2020

Introducing: The Knox Study - Episode #1 - Reporting on a College in Quarantine

This is the first episode of a new podcast series from The Knox Student newspaper. Host Samuel Lisec...

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Knox welcomes the school year with the first-ever online convocation

The very action of “attending” the 183rd convocation of Knox College brought into focus the “turbulent,...

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The Knox Commuter, a satire

You have a 9:00p.m. dinner of plain white rice, cold and straight out of the tupperware, for the second...

0 Comments / Sep 25, 2020

From childhood bedroom to pandemic hideout: Knox students reflect on coming home

Graduating high school for some means graduating from the bedroom that took them along on the journey...

0 Comments / May 31, 2020

Senior reflecting on leaving Knox during pandemic

Seniors, whether from high school, college have felt the effect of COVID-19 in a way that others haven’t....

0 Comments / May 28, 2020


Empty Chairs and Empty Tables: Amid a Caf-Free Existence, Finding Hope in a “Mushroom Loaf”

The pandemic has forced students to live off-campus at a scale never before seen. I am one in this...

0 Comments / Sep 22, 2020

Examining the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was never my hero. After her death, many people have begun celebrating the life...

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Ways to cast your vote in 2020

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