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Knox College’s only independent print news source, The Knox Student has been student-written, student-run and student-read since 1878. TKS, as it is more commonly known, covers Knox, Galesburg, national and international news items by emphasizing their relevance to and impact on members of the Knox community. Every member of the TKS staff is a student, from senior editors to circulation assistants, and contributes to TKS’s long tradition of producing award-winning, hard-hitting journalism that asks tough questions and refuses to shy away from controversy.

Printed weekly, TKS is distributed free of charge on the Knox campus and is available to alumni, parents and other interested parties via subscription.


Editorial Statement

The Knox Student’s first and foremost goal is to look out for the interests of the student body. While opinions may not be the same among the whole student body, those held by a majority are what we believe to be the best for the community as a whole.

We do not exist to promote the interests of other organizations or individuals or to cater to any authority. We aim to uphold the standards of accountability and integrity of the college and the variety of entities that govern it.

The Knox community thrives and is partially defined by the wide variety of students in it, and TKS will do its best to respect diverse viewpoints. It is important that free expression of ideas is upheld when discussing the topics at hand.

Understanding that we are a community affected by global topics, we will bring attention to issues that arise from outside of Knox when we feel that they are important to our readership.