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Letters to the Editor: March 6 – March 12, 2008

Artsplosion/Off Knox

I just wanted to write a brief note of thanks to everyone who came out to the Artsplosion/Off Knox event this past Friday at The Center. First and foremost I’d like to thank everyone who contributed art to the show and everyone who got up to perform: you guys rocked it like Off Knox has never been rocked before.

To everyone who spent the whole night standing up and everyone who couldn’t get in because we were full beyond capacity: my apologies and my thanks for your enthusiasm; next time we’ll have to do this in a bigger space. Without getting too deep into naming names, I’d like to thank a few people specifically: Peter Schwartzman and all the students involved in The Center, Kate Schlachter and the Artsplosion posse, Zine Club for their wicked activity table, Cowboy Killers Press (watch for their submission drive!), Kaley Morlock for managing the performance list, Andy Arnold for his percussive influence and the use of his vehicle, Madeleine Ettlin for her general assistance, Klayr Valentine-Fossum and Andrew Brasher for loaning out their instruments, Chris Prairie for the use of his microphone and PA system, and everyone who helped with setup and breakdown.

I know I’ve missed names — if you think you helped out then you probably did, so thank you! There are two more Off Knox events this year. Let’s keep coming together and continue to build bridges between one another through our shared expression. Peace.

– Chris Astwood, ’07

More responses to Rohlfing column

The lad didn’t write a racist article. The lad wrote a decent lampoon but forgot to sign it “Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.” Or more likely, he simply made a hasty and innocent rookie mistake. A mistake compounded by others in a peculiar chain of review where the buck never really stopped. He raised an issue and elicited healthy, spirited, forgiving, and often learned rebuttals. These episodes are why you exist, Knox. You are judged by us on the outside only by your response, and you have made a good start, at least as viewed from afar through the TKS window.

Perhaps the respondents who read into the article a veiled argument that slavery was a benefit to its victims should have considered it instead an unintended but, in its way, poignant “new, unpietistic handling of childhood” as G. M. Young saw in the writings of Dodgson.

Is there racism at Knox? Of course there is, just as there was plenty in that speech Abe gave on that platform at the east facade of Old Main on October 7, 1858. That speech, though, was a good start (though Knox and Galesburg then were far ahead of Lincoln and the nation in the climb to the moral high ground on the race issue).

Good start, Knox, on your response. Dodgson advised: “Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop.” Steady now Knox, and keep climbing.

– Rod Nelson, parent

Letters to the editor

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