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Student autonomy resolution passed, Honor Board changed

A resolution in response to the Student Life Committee Report on Greek Life at Knox and, more specifically, the recent anti-Greek statements that some members of the faculty had vocalized at a faculty meeting March 3 took up much of the discussion at the March 6 Student Senate Meeting. The resolution addressed many of the concerns that were brought up, including the allegedly exclusionary aspect of fraternities and sororities. The resolution said that students were the best judges of what activities they should and should not be involved in.

Senior and Senate President Brad Middleton said this resolution was about the faculty being able to tell you what you can be involved in.

“This resolution is very important and will show the faculty that we are presenting a united front,” said Senator and President of Delta Delta Delta senior Leah Heister.

The resolution was passed by unanimous consent.

Senior Brian Camozzi and several other Honor Board members presented an Honor Board Constitutional Amendment. The amendments addressed several language and procedural issues within the constitution, while not affecting any great changes to the function of the board itself. The item passed unanimously. The general discussion on the issue ran for around half an hour before and after passage, and centered mainly on the specifics of the language changes.

Senior Alex Enyart presented an item regarding the creation of a public student art space. The resolution sought to turn the recycling shack in the middle of the Quads into an art space that all Knox students could use at will. In his PowerPoint of the resolution, Enyart showed other colleges that have similar art spaces. Many senators expressed support for the idea. This item was passed by all but one senator.

The Anti-Philosophy club’s request for $4,500 for the Simian Mobile Disco and Hammock Club’s new club request were removed from the consent agenda at the start of the meeting. The rest of the agenda was approved, and discussion on the two items was opened.

The Anti-Philosophy request was unanimously approved after a short discussion. Senior Tom Fucoloro spoke for the Hammock Club, saying that during the spring having hammocks on campus would be a good idea. Supporters of the club said that this would be a warm term club, but it would not be a one-year thing. Dean Xavier Romano commented that while having hammocks was an interesting idea, he was concerned about the safety and security of people falling out of them, and that the environmental impact of these on the campus environment should also be considered. In response to a question from Senator Lovett, Fucoloro said non-members would be able to use the hammocks. The club was approved unanimously.

Tom Fucoloro is the editor-in-chief of TKS

Andrew Polk

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