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Letters to the Editor: March 13 – April 3, 2008

I am writing as a black student to say, “Good job!” to Chris Berger for his piece in last week’s TKS [March 6, 2008] entitled “Regarding Racism at Knox.” He should be commended for pointing out that white men in America have such a hard time getting anything because of all of the educational and employment handouts awarded to all the lazy and undeserving black people via affirmative action. Golly, what a novel and educated opinion! Seriously, black people are taking over! Just look at Knox’s campus, it’s drowning in blacks (especially black men). Even though I am the only person in my family to get a four-year degree (and move on to graduate school), I will forever be wracked with guilt over the fact that my degrees mean that a more qualified, more deserving white man is missing out. White men ARE being systematically oppressed by affirmative action and we can see this in the fact that blacks are completely overrepresented in the most lucrative occupations and whites are forced to take lower paying, more service-oriented jobs.

The Knox community has the ethical responsibility to put an end to this supreme injustice against white men. They’re being completely crushed by a society that clearly favors blacks over whites and this has to end. Berger, your Knox education has served you well! Taught you to be a deeply critical thinker, Kudos!

– Angela Bailey, ‘08

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Letters to the editor can be sent to Box K-240 or tks@knox.edu. All signed letters will be printed, but those exceeding 250 words may be edited for space, but not content, following contact with the author if possible.

Letters to the editor

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