Discourse / April 9, 2008

Letters to the Editor: April 4 – April 10, 2008

We will keep this brief because TKS has recently been filled with columns relating to Greek life at Knox and we don’t want to be redundant. At this point, we both feel that remaining silent is no longer advantageous for anyone involved in the current dialogue on the Greek community and Greek life. We understand and accept that there are students, staff, and faculty who disagree with some aspect or many aspects of Greek life. Moreover, we understand that dialogue is necessary for Greeks and non-Greeks so as to educate each other on the opposite’s beliefs. But this dialogue must be two-sided. The non-Greeks who stay publicly silent on their concerns, criticisms, and questions do both sides a disservice. In our nearly three years as Knox students, the campus has never turned away from controversial and intellectual discourse. That being said, intellectual discourse is always difficult to have, but particularly so if only one side is being heard anonymously. There is nothing wrong with criticizing Greek life or the system itself, but with regard to the fliers on campus earlier this week, namelessly drawing upon fabricated generalizations to make libelous claims is not the way to engage in a truly meaningful dialogue.

We strongly encourage and hope that we can come together and discuss our beliefs, on either side. Our hopes, as leaders of the Greek community, are that from these discussions we can at the very least simply learn more about each other and how to peacefully coexist. Looking beyond Greeks and non-Greeks at the bigger picture, this issue is about peaceful coexistence, something Knox College prides itself on because of its diverse population. By no stretch of the imagination do we agree all of the time, but we learn and understand through discussions.

Of course, the two of us cannot represent the entirety of the Greek community or the Knox community, but we have attempted to best represent the opinions that have been expressed to us as well as our own.

– Elaine Wilson, ’09, Randy Geary, ’09

I am writing to commend Angelo Kozonis for the courage he showed in writing last week’s column, entitled “Middleton the Panderer.” I agree with every single point he made. I want to publicly acknowledge that he put his neck on the line for a significant portion of the Knox Community, one that has been ignored and completely dismissed by Student Senate as well as the Greek community and some administrators. Brad Middleton is not my president and he does not speak for me. Kozonis has opened up an important discussion. Students who have felt too intimidated by the social consequences of speaking up against a system that is so clearly wrong, but who feel the same way about these issues, need to join him. Despite the difficulty you face, I hope that you will somehow find the strength to SPEAK UP NOW. Change is possible. The powers that be will only win if we do not join together and demand that our voices and concerns be heard and immediately addressed.

– Angela Bailey ’08

In last week’s edition of TKS an editorial was published entitled “Middleton the Panderer.” Unfortunately, the piece resorted to name calling as a technique for advancing an argument. After this year, I can certainly handle personal attacks made against me, but I also find them unbecoming of an educated person and unproductive in advancing any sort of thoughtful dialogue. Despite this, it seems some are resigned to this sort of behavior. I just hope the Knox community, especially the student community, will rise above this sort of dialogue and uphold our community standards of respect and civility. Disagreement does not have to be ugly. It can be thoughtful and productive. After all, isn’t that what Knox is all about?

– Brad Middleton, ‘08

I was back at Knox for Founder’s Day and picked up a copy of The Knox Student and read it at breakfast after I got home.

I was most impressed by the great job you are all doing – a big step over the paper of my time. A fine job!

– Richard Cheney, ’43

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Letters to the editor

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