New construction makes noise on campus

Drilling, pounding, crunching and whirring – the construction on Knox campus has recently been heard from classrooms, offices, and residence halls.

With three separate construction projects happening on campus, there is little time and money left for delays such as bad weather. Every project is going through a number of phases, each with its own specific renovations and plans for development.

“There are two phases on the Knox Bowl, and we’ve just completed the first phase,” said Chad Eisele, director of Athletics at Knox College.

For the Knox bowl alone, there will be a new synthetic turf field, goal posts, play clock, iron fence, and entryways. Plans also include making the hills on the sides wider to make the field more compliant with the American Disabilities Act. With all of these improvements, the first phase alone has cost $1.8 million and is expected to be more than twice as expensive by the end of the second phase. However, according to Eisele, it is going to be worth the money.

“It’s going to be everything. We can use it 365 days a year so it frees up fields to be used by other teams, IM [intramural], club sports, all year round,” said Eisele.

In addition, the college has embarked on a half million-dollar renovation of the Memorial Gym to make the facility “one of the nicest in the western conference,” said Eisele. This new gym entails a completely refinished wooden floor, new wooden bleachers, a brand new sound system, and new score boards. Students have expressed excitement for the new gym and Bowl.

“I’m excited for more space, better recruiting, and more fans,” said freshman Alex Hall.

While these new sport facilities are going up, there is still one more project that will not be completely modernized – replacing the roof of Old Main. The reconstruction of the roof has been going on for months along with what is soon to be new sidewalks and a better copper roof. Students on the other hand, while liking the idea, see Old Main’s construction in a different light.

“The roof looks classy, and it’s not that bad to have to walk around construction,” said freshman Zak Khan.

With three projects to be done, construction workers on Knox campus have a lot on their plates, but the final results are highly awaited by everyone on campus.

Liz Thomas

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