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Jumping through hoops

In the past Terpsichore Dance Club has always been able to use the Auxiliary Gym to host their shows. Now, this is no longer possible. After the show “Forget Me Not” held in the Auxiliary Gym last term, a city firefighter in attendance reported that the place was not up to fire safety standards for hosting performances. Even though this has hurt Terpsichore, they have taken the opportunity to become creative in how they perform.

The upcoming show, Jumping through Hoops, is one example of how Terpsichore is taking a positive spin on this new restriction of space. The show was hosted in Harbach yesterday from 7:30-10 pm. Assistant Professor of Theatre-Dance Jennifer Smith said Terpisichore was very fortunate to have gotten Harbach. She seemed hopeful that despite this problem of space, there would be creative solutions. This setback has opened up a new creative dimension and reinvents the way performances are done. Smith even suggested outdoor shows with a postmodern spin.

When it came to setting up Jumping through Hoops in Harbach, she said there were no major changes. The only difference stems from the distance between the performers and the audience. According to Smith, this will create a different performance experience in that the energy will be different in how the performers project themselves. Besides the difference in performance energy, Harbach is about the same as Auxiliary Gym in terms of being able to put up a show.

Production manager of Terpsichore senior Megan Hall agrees with Smith on the sameness of Harbach in terms of choreographing pieces. Hall has a positive outlook on the current situation regarding available performance space. She said it was good to have Harbach and is interested to see how the audience will receive the show. In the past Terpsichore has been informal. According to Hall, the show will feel more formal now that it will be in Harbach.

The show consisted of 12 pieces with varying themes. The dances ranged from hip-hop to jazz to rock n’ roll and even a few improv pieces. There was no set theme in order to free the choreographers in forming their dances. The title “Jumping through Hoops” is a reference to the change in venue Terpsichore has gone through in order to have its show. The main thing the show wanted to do was give the audience entertainment. Hall stated that she would like for future Terpsichore casts to use Harbach.

“We have too many loyal members and audience for Terpsichore to not have a show in the future. It’s the same club, just with different space,” she said.

She mentioned how this term was record-breaking in membership with 73 in audition and originally 18 choreographers that got cut down to 12.

“People just want to try dancing. It just grows from there,” she said.

Patrick Cogar

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