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Registering to vote

Next Thursday from 7 to 9 the Knox Democrats and Campus Life are hosting a voter registration event. The school will be deputizing individuals, students and perhaps faculty, who are registered to vote in Knox County, as registrars who can lead you through the voting registration process.

There will be LIVE MUSIC and FREE FOOD.

These Illinois voter registrars and other trained individuals will lead you through the registration process and explain your states’ regulations.

While the Knox County election office and the Knox County Democrats are aware of the event, it is sponsored solely by Campus Life and the Knox Democrats.

Register in your Room

In 7 easy steps

1. Go to, you Secretary of State’s website or Google Register to vote to find another site

2. Click Register to Vote

3. Fill out your information using your permanent address

4. Print out your registration

5. Slap on a stamp

6. Put it in the mail*

7. Some states require that you mail a proof of identification (a copy of your drivers license, a bill etc.) with your first ballot. To see what your state requires, go to your Secretary of State’s website or go to Voterpalooza next Thursday in the Gizmo.

* IL residents need to mail their registration forms to their county clerk or get the registration form signed by a voter registrar. If you need help, go to Voterpalooza for more information

Voter Registration Deadlines

State: Voter Registration Deadline

Alabama*: Fri, Oct. 24

Alaska: Sun, Oct. 5 (postmark by Sat, Oct. 4)

Arizona: Mon, Oct. 6

Arkansas: Mon, Oct. 6

California: Mon, Oct. 20

Colorado: Mon, Oct. 6

Connecticut: Tues, Oct. 21

Delaware: Sat, Oct. 11

District of Columbia: Mon, Oct. 6

Florida: Mon, Oct. 6

Georgia: Mon, Oct. 6

Hawaii: Mon, Oct. 6

Idaho: Register at Polls

Illinois: Tues, Oct. 7

Indiana: Mon, Oct. 6

Iowa: Fri, Oct. 24

Kansas: Mon, Oct. 20

Kentucky: Mon, Oct. 6

Louisiana: Mon, Oct. 6

Maine: Tue, Oct. 21

Maryland: Tue, Oct. 14

Massachusetts: Wed, Oct. 15

Michigan: Mon, Oct. 6

Minnesota: Same Day Registration at polling place

Mississippi: Mon, Oct. 6

Missouri: Wed, Oct. 8

Montana: Mon, Oct. 6 (or same day at elections office)

Nebraska: Fri, Oct. 24 (mail by Fri, Oct. 17)

Nevada: Tue, Oct. 14

New Hampshire: Same Day

New Jersey: Tues, Oct. 14

New Mexico: Tues, Oct. 7

New York: Fri, Oct. 10

North Carolina: Fri, Oct. 10

North Dakota: N/A

Ohio: Mon, Oct. 6

Oklahoma: Fri, Oct. 10

Oregon: Tue, Oct. 14

Pennsylvania: Mon, Oct. 6

Rhode Island: Sat, Oct. 4

South Carolina: Sat, Oct. 4

South Dakota: Mon, Oct. 20

Tennessee: Mon, Oct. 6

Texas: Mon, Oct. 6

Utah: Mon, Oct. 6 or in person Tue, Oct. 28

Vermont: Wed, Oct. 29

Virginia: Mon, Oct. 6

Washington: Mon, Oct. 4 (or Mon, Oct. 20 in person)

West Virginia: Wed, Oct. 15

Wisconsin: Wed, Oct. 15 (or on Election Day at polling place)

Wyoming: Can register at polls

Erin Coleman

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