Campus / News / September 25, 2008

Dining services continues to improve

Helmut Meyer, the new Director of Dining Services that took Knox by storm last year, is up to his old tricks. A couple of weeks into the school year, and he is already making more changes to the way Knox kids eat.

“It’s decided by the students, not someone deciding for them,” said senior Randy Geary.

Meyer said some of the changes he has made include the way Dining Services interacts with its customers. For example, a student ate a meal they liked at a Chinese restaurant and Meyer worked with him to reproduce it for the Gizmo.

Meyer has implemented new policies governing student diets. Almost all the food available to students on campus is trans fat free, and 85 percent of the food in the cafeteria is now made from scratch. This takes much more work, so soon the cafeteria will have two more cooks. Meyer has even taken it upon himself to make small detailed changes to the dining atmosphere; he changed the lighting to softer bulbs.

Soon Knox dining services will be using more community resources such as local beef, bread from Q’s Café, and next year, a Knox garden.

Meyer has expanded menus at all of the dining locations at Knox, from the Oak Room having more options in its theme every day to the new quesadillas at the Gizmo. Menus will continue expanding as Meyer holds taste tests every two weeks in the cafeteria. If the students like the new meals, they will go on the menu.

Another student-implemented convenience are the green to-go containers at the door to the cafeteria. These are “eco-clamshells,” a tough, plastic, eco-friendly alternative to Styrofoam. Students can get their first container for free, exchanging their used container for a clean one at their next to-go meal.

Meyer is very open to student suggestions. Knox students should keep an eye out for surveys from the Dining Services committee to discover what new changes Helmet plans on making to improve their dining experience.

Ivy Reid

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