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The Senate Perspective: Four easy steps to starting a club

Do you want to start a new club? Do you want more money for your club? Here’s how!

Before I go into specifics it would be a great idea to talk about the who and what of the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee is composed of the Senate Treasurer, Jenn Snider from Campus Life, and eight or so Senators. We meet every week to go over, primarily, additional funds requests, club budgets, and new club proposals. During Spring Term we go through the budget allocation process where the club budgets are generated and approved by the Senate.

To start a new club there are four easy steps:

1. Obtain a New Club proposal sheet from the Student Senate office in Seymour basement.

2. Fill it out with as many details as possible and find an advisor.

3. Turn it back in under the Student Senate office door and wait to hear from me.

4. Come to the Finance Committee meeting and talk with us about your club.

After the meeting with the Finance Committee, we will make a recommendation on your proposal and a final vote will be decided by the full Student Senate at the regular meeting.

Tips from the Committee:

1. Ask yourself “what does this club bring to Knox that we do not already have?” The Finance Committee is looking for originality.

2. Make sure that you have a significant interest base for the club. The more the merrier!

To get more money for your club:

1. In order to obtain more money than is in your club budget you need to get an Additional Funds Request from the Student Senate office.

2. Fill it out with as many details as possible. Hint: there can never be enough details.

3. Turn it back in under the Student Senate office door before the committee meets for that week. The meeting time will be published ASAP.

4. Come to the committee meeting and talk about the proposal.

After the committee hears the proposal we will make a recommendation for the Senate. That Thursday Senate will discuss and vote on the request. You will find out the result by Friday.

Tips from the Committee:

1. Details, details, details and more details. The more information you provide the better the chance of your request getting approved in a speedy manner.

2. Make sure you include the amount of money your club is putting forward for the event. The Finance Committee will never fully fund anything.

3. Give plenty of notice. A request needs to be in at least two weeks prior to the event. The committee generally will not make exceptions to this deadline.

Now that you know the drill, I look forward to working with you throughout the year!

Heather Kopec

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