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Thoughts from the Embers: The Greek issue

Some of us in TKS are Greeks, and some of us are not. As such, when it came time to produce our weekly consensus opinion in Thoughts from the Embers, we did not agree on every point. The fact is that the Greek issue will probably always matter more to the Greeks, at least until the rest of us are outnumbered.

But we could all collectively take issue with the way “the Greeks” are being lumped into one category in the current debate over their role on campus. People who are not in Greek organizations tend not to differentiate between the specific groups: that includes the faculty and the administration, who seem to be losing sight of the students involved in favor of their own battles.

During her interview, Liz Soehngen ’09 pointed out that her group’s role would be evaluated on the basis of groups that had come before. The newly-formed task force will address the issue of the Greek system’s effect on Knox social life and partying, but ATP is a service organization: they are not going to throw any ragers on Friday nights. ATP, GQ, and WOI are all organizations that try to fill a niche by serving the causes of diversity, between students of different ethnicities or between nerds and non-nerds, and considerations of their uniqueness are being lost in the shuffle.

We are not saying the recent Greek expansion shouldn’t be carefully considered. We don’t think anyone wants Knox to become the kind of school where students who don’t choose to go Greek have nowhere to go on the weekends.

However, we hope that when the time comes for the task force to evaluate how the Greeks fit into Knox life, they remember to consider the new colonies on an individual basis, rather than as identical symptoms of the fuzzy, looming “Greek issue.”


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