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Letter to the Editor: Advocating Senate oversight of TKS

I am writing to convey my total lack of shock and dismay at TKS’ printing of an offensive headline in the Sept. 18th sports section. I remember fondly back to last year when many members of the Knox College Student Senate (myself included) advocated strongly for stricter oversight of TKS’ editorial decisions after a similar incident last year (also involving Mr. Rohlfing). Given the fact that the student activity fee provides for the printing and distribution of the paper, it is well within the rights of the student body to move for tighter control over what TKS prints. While other senators and I were reviled as fascistic infringers on the First Amendment, it seems that this latest example of a habitual pattern of poor judgment exhibited by the TKS editorial staff has proven our point. Shocked? I’m hardly surprised.

Andrew Briggs

Class of 2008

Editor’s note: As we stated in last week’s issue, Merritt Rolfing had nothing to do with the misspelled headline.

Andrew Briggs

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