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Comida Montana Barcelona

After spending a few weeks in Spain, it’s very possible that you may grow tired of the same old vino and stale baguette routine every day. Even the shrimp on your paella plate staring up at you with those big beady eyes just don’t cut it. If you call yourself a Knox student, then there can only be one thing you crave: pizza. But not just any old pizza; you want Chicago style deep dish and you need it before you have a nervous breakdown. ¡Ay madre mia! Don’t panic. Everyone knows that Barcelona is famous for its deep dish….

I present to you: “Chicago Pizza Pie Factory”, located conveniently on 300 Calle Provenca. It’s no Alfano’s, but you’ll never find pizza nirvana if you hold every place up to that standard.

Service: three stars

The waiters here assume you are English speaking if you show even the slightest hesitation in speaking Spanish. Aside from getting the English menus, the service was fast and friendly. (It helped that we were the only patrons in the entire restaurant because it was only 6 p.m. — way too early for Spanish dinnertime).

Affordability: two stars

As with everything on the touristy streets, this place charged more than it should have. An individual pizza and two cokes will run you about 20 euros.

Deliciousness: three stars

I shared an “individual” sized pizza with a friend and it came with two free toppings. It was a little bite of home, except that it didn’t have any tomato sauce. I just wish they would’ve advertised it as a white pizza…

Atmosphere: four stars

This place was decked out in Chicago regalia. I’m talkin’ street signs, corny pictures, and Motown blasting from the speakers. The effect was eerie. I felt like I had teleported from a street of mopeds and smartly dressed Europeans to some cornfield in between Galesburg and Moline.

Montana Standish

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