Discourse / Letters / October 2, 2008

Letter to the Editor: Commending an in-depth review

I want to commend Merrit Rohlfing for his review of K. West’s Graduation. I found the review highly informative with descriptions like “pretty good” and “okay”. I listened to the record a bunch while studying abroad last year, but Rohlfing’s article encouraged me to have another listen. The opening track “Good Morning” features a sample of “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” by Elton John. If you listen to the Elton track, you get a glimpse West’s surgical method of sampling.

Rohlfing correctly puts West in his place as an “average rapper”. All you see nowadays are rapper who produce all their own material and are solid enough live performers to release a live record backed by a 17-piece all female string section.

I agree with Rohlfing’s view of the third single off the record ‘Good Life’ as a “mindless money maker”. With lyrics such as “Welcome to the Good Life / Where we like the girls who ain’t on TV / ‘Cause they got more ass than the models” one can only imagine the future endorsements.

Finally I understand Rohlfing’s appreciation of the song ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’. Not caring about what other people think is a virtue not accepted enough in our society. I’m glad writers like Rohlfing and Chris Berger (whose opinion I dearly miss) have given Knox and TKS the high regard they deserve.

Jeff Sundquist

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