Discourse / Letters / October 8, 2008

Letter to the Editor: Taking it a step further

Dear Editor,

I am writing to state my trichotillomania-inducing shock and digestion-disturbing horror at the now infamous headline which ran in the Sports section of your Sept. 18 issue. It is apparent that this reaction is universal among your readers and in no way limited to the easily offended handful of people who take great joy in being outraged by things they read in newspapers and subsequently writing letters expressing aforementioned outrage.

I see the merits of Andrew Briggs’ argument that our Student Senate should take a greater role in overseeing the editorial decisions of your publication. However, I feel Mr. Briggs’ suggestions simply do not go far enough.

I implore President Taylor to issue an immediate decree whereby The Knox Student will be remade into the official party organ of Student Senate. To whosoever may have the temerity to disagree, I would ask you to imagine the chipper austerity to be found in a version of the newspaper devoted solely to sports scores, a listing of upcoming campus events, and puff pieces investigating the biographies and endearing foibles of members of the Senate Executive board. For example, where do they buy their sharp scarves and spectacles? The student body demands answers!


Zack Lencioni, ’09

Zack Lencioni

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