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New professor bolsters ancient history offerings

This year, Visiting Professor of History Danielle Fatkin is contributing to Knox students’ growing interest in ancient history by offering courses in Ancient Greek and Roman history, archeology, and religion. Her research is in Roman Imperialism and she will be offering a seminar on that subject during spring term.

Fatkin is excited about the growing awareness of ancient history at Knox and hopes to foster that interest during her time here.

“I’m hoping to keep the enthusiasm going and get more students interested in ancient history,” said Fatkin. “Who doesn’t want to learn about gods and sacrifice?”

She enjoys Knox’s broad liberal arts environment. She noticed right away that the professors seemed excited about teaching and working with their students.

“The more I learned about Knox, the cooler it seemed,” said Fatkin. “People really are interested in ideas.”

Fatkin received her BA in Anthropology and Classics from the University of Colorado at Boulder and her Ph.D. from Stanford. She spent two years in between as a ceramic analyst in Jerusalem. During that time she met several archeologists and learned about the past and how to interpret artifacts.

She has participated in archeological digs in Israel, Italy, Rome, and Jordan. Currently, she is a co-leader of a dig in Jordan and she hopes to bring some of her students at Knox into the process.

Fatkin is also interested in getting involved with the Classics Club and participating in their events.

“The more you get into ancient history, the more you realize it’s all connected,” said Fatkin.

Laura Miller

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