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Senate executive board hears action item proposals

The main feature of last week’s Student Senate session was a round table discussion. After a consent agenda vote allotted $700 to Students Without Borders, Vice President Brian Lund directed the chamber to an open discussion about general issues around campus.

Among the issues brought up in the discussion was a possible change of venue for the Student Senate sessions, the shifting of TKS delivery from Knox box stuffing to campus pick-up points, more informative food information cards in the Hard Knox Café, expanded indoor study space and library hours, and many others. The Senate executive board listened to all suggestions and vowed to take them into consideration as items of action for the current year.

Towards the end of the session, Senator Lazar asked for a straw poll from the chamber to gauge senator’s preferences to the meeting venue. The vote yielded 5 in favor of the Lincoln room if microphones can be secured, 13 in favor of the Round Room, and 14 in favor of SMC A110, where Senate was held last year.

Student Senate sessions are held every Thursday at 7 pm, and are currently held in the Lincoln Room, though that location is subject to change.

Andrew Polk

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