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Big laughs at ‘We Sit Down to Pee’

Friday night I witnessed boob grabbing, cheating, lesbian kissing, drug taking, and a human inappropriate “back massager.” Where do you think I was? A frat party, maybe? Not at all. I was in the Studio Theater in CFA.

Last week, Guerilla Surrealism Productions presented “We Sit Down to Pee: An Improv Show.” The show was ridiculous, uncomfortable, inappropriate….and really good.

The actors were great, led by the hysterical and crazy senior Pam Schuller. The cast had to search for material a couple times, but overall they rocked it. They had the audience laughing pretty consistently and had almost no shame what-so-ever. They mocked mad cow disease, Jews, dead dogs, internal organs, inter-species sex, homosexuals, masturbation, and, to top it off, Helen Keller. They really knew their audience of college students, uncomfortable and inappropriate topics were fan favorites.

The show started with a quick warm-up. This was the best part of the show. Everyone I talked to after agreed they would have loved to watch a couple more warm-up games. These games required more audience interaction, they were asked for suggestions and wrote lines for the actors to use in later scenes.

The “Party Guests” scene in which one actor had to guess what was going on with each of the other actors as they showed up to a party was excellent.

After the warm-up games were completed there were some extended scenes based off a word selected by the audience.

The word of the night: Meatloaf.

The scenes were definitely funny but the general consensus was that they went on for too long. They started out with some outrageous and ridiculous ideas but they lacked the original funniness towards the end. The cast seemed to be working harder for a laugh and unfortunately didn’t get as many as I’m sure they would have liked. It probably would have worked better to switch up the scenes instead of sticking to the original five or so that they started with.

It was sad to lose the audience’s participation. I didn’t go in expecting them to ask for any kind of interaction from the audience but when they did I was pleasantly surprised. There is nothing more engaging in this style of show than involving the audience. A continuation of this idea may have helped the audience stay engaged even toward the end of the show.

Let’s be honest though, everyone knows that best part of improv is when the cast catches each other off guard. “We Sit Down to Pee” had a few of these moments.

All things considered, “We Sit Down to Pee: An Improv Show” was good. They really worked the crowd even though, personally, I believe that improv is the hardest of all theater techniques. The cast was funny, vibrant, and they really knew what the audience wanted — all the things we think but never say.

Megan Young

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