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The Senate Perspective: The Sustainability Committee

The past year at Knox has been one of much improvement in the movement called sustainability. It was only last year that the Sustainaiblity Committee was added as an additional committee to Student Senate, and we have accomplished much since then.

In May of 2008 with the support of students and faculty, president Roger Taylor signed the Talloires Declaration. With this document, Knox has committed itself to developing a sustainable culture here on campus. The members of the Taskforce also pushed to have a sustainability handbook produced. The handbook is now available to students on campus, and is being distributed to Freshmen in their FP classes.

You may have noticed other changes around campus as well. There are no longer trays in the Hard Knox Café, or Oak Room. This change will help cut back on food and water waste on campus. The process of taking food out of the dining halls has changed also. With the elimination of styrofoam, we were able to purchase Eco-Clamshells to transport our food.

Currently, the Sustainability Committee is working to educate the campus about the Green Fee. The fee is set aside for student initiated projects that promote sustainability on the Knox campus. We are also working with the Presidential Taskforce on a few new initiatives.

These are just a few of the changes on the campus. For more information on what the Sustainability Committee and Presidential Taskforce on Sustainability has done, check out the Knox Sustainability website at .

Abby Pardick

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