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New homecoming events geared towards getting students involved

In years past, returning alumni have been the main focus of homecoming. After all, that is what the name implies. However, this year, current students are being encouraged to take part in the activities. Not only will there be events geared toward students, there will be a number of opportunities for them to speak with and learn from Knox graduates.

Assistant Director of Campus Life Jimmy Stewart said, “Homecoming should be about both students and alumni. In fact, each are complementary. Students gain a lot from interacting with the alumni in positive, fun environments. You can learn stories about the past of Seymour, get advice on post-Knox transitions, and learn about antics of previous generations.”

Current students can also hone their skills in networking; students will have the chance to interact with alumni and potentially meet a person who can find them career opportunities. Alumni will have the opportunity to ask current students about what is new at Knox.

“It is exciting to meet and hear about your alma mater and how it is doing today. Also, students can bring a special excitement and energy to events in which both groups are present,” Stewart said.

Coming up are a number of activities aimed toward current students. All week long, events have been taking place to build up for the big weekend. A pumpkin carving contest, a spooky meal in the caf, and a ghost hunt have all led up to the activities planned for the weekend. Current students and alumni alike can take part.

Junior Adam Kent said, “One of the major events, I feel, is the carnival that will be happening on Halloween night between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. At the carnival there will be something for everyone to enjoy: inflatables, carnival games, and, of course, a costume contest. Also, clubs and organizations can sign up to make fronts of houses for the kids of alumni to go trick-or-treating.”

No doubt, there will be something for everyone. If nothing else, it will be a chance to have a little fun before November comes along.

Stewart urged students to come out to the events.

“The homecoming committee worked hard to make what I think is an amazing slate of Halloween themed events. We could all use a little fun before we start towards the end of term.”

Devinne Stevens

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