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Spotlight on a Senator: Liesl Pereira

Senator Liesl Pereira, ‘10 is a resident advisor, active in her class council, and most recently, an active and interested student senator.

“I’m really interested in all of the new sustainability [task] forces, the Presidential task force, [and] the list of things we’re going to do,” Pereira said.

Pereira is a junior in standing, though only in her first year as a senator, but she has already taken an interest in ongoing projects, such as the sustainability handbook.

“I wasn’t on Senate last year,” Pereira said, “so I don’t know a lot of what went on in there, so it was really nice to have the overview of what they want to do laid out for me.”

Representing the RA district, Pereira has a very close connection to her constituents.

“My district is a very close one,” Pereira said. “We know each other. I know everybody in my district because we’re RAs and we spend so much time together. So for me, it’s not so much just kind of a representing just distant people, I know what they want, I know it’s important to us. Our interaction happens all the time. We have group meetings every two weeks or so, so I’m friendly with most of them. There haven’t been any big issues yet, but I know that if we’re chatting or something they’ll say [it].”

Pereira ran for Senate this year both because of her district and the importance she places on campus involvement and representation.

“I tried to run last year, and I didn’t make it,” Pereira said. “I was in a bigger district, the small houses [district], and I’ve been looking to get involved with [student government]. I think it’s becoming a more important activity to be involved with people who want representation. People want to know that Senate does things.”

Overall, Senate projects are an important focus, now and in the future.

“I think being afraid of people lurking [in the proposed prairie plots] is valid,” Pereira said. “There wasn’t a lot of discussion on that at this point. In terms of a 24-hour library, I think it’s important that we talk about those things. It’s something that people want, something that I would like. Even if it isn’t feasible right now, I think it’s important to show that it’s an issue that we care about, and to move towards doing something about it. It shows initiative now, so maybe in five years or ten years, it is possible that they’ll see that the initiative has been shown multiple times.”

Andrew Polk

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