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Thoughts from the Embers: Alumni greeting and Senate endorsement

Hello to alumni

Welcome back, alumni! There’s nothing like the fall colors to make a Knox student, past or present, nostalgic about their days in Galesburg. We’re happy you guys are getting a chance to see this place at its prettiest, and we hope you have a fun time back at school.

TKS alumni, by the way, are invited to the Pub Office at 4 p.m. on Saturday to catch up on all the newspaper dirt with the current staff. Our Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief will be baking cookies. Be there or be square.


TKS hasn’t made a habit of officially endorsing things. Many major newspapers recommend its readers vote for one presidential candidate or the other, but last year’s survey made it clear which candidate would receive the majority of the campus vote, and it’s not necessary to rub it in. Although we often bestowed whatever the opposite of an endorsement is on various Student Senate actions last year, har dee har, nothing popped up that we wanted to get formally behind.

This term, though, we would like to stand in support of Senate President Elaine Wilson’s proposal to make the library a 24-hour study area, at least during finals if not in general. This is a swell idea that could create student jobs, save energy by encouraging students to study together at night, and improve the quality of life of countless stressed-out students at the end of the term.

TKS editors have the luxury of doing our finals cramming in the opulent comfort of the Pub Office, but we see the fluorescence-bleached faces of the zombies who stagger out of Founders during the 4 a.m. computer restart, and we shed a tear for them. It sucks to be forced to be up late, it sucks more to be forced to be up late studying, and it really sucks to be forced to do both of those things in a chilly, nasty, bright-white place that sounds like buzzing computers and gnashing teeth.

Seymour Library is beautiful. It is warm and inviting without being quite comfortable enough to nap in. We’d bet most Knox students and alumni have a favorite spot in the library: one editor gets personally offended anytime she comes to her special room on the second floor to find someone trespassing in it. Studying is nobody’s favorite thing to do, but being in a pleasant environment makes it harder to fall into complete despair.

We want whoever will eventually decide whether or not this can happen to see this column and consider our endorsement, but we also want Senate to read it and hopefully get a little more fired up about Wilson’s proposal. Senator Liesl Periera said in her Spotlight that if people kept bringing up the idea of extending library hours over the next five or ten years, someone could eventually make it happen.

Not to call you out, Liesl: we appreciate that you’re behind this proposal, and we understand the importance of showing the powers that be that students can show consistent commitment to an idea rather than getting excited about something and then dropping it when the next proposal comes along. We also understand that things can take a long time to get done around here, but we should consider that some of that might be a product of our own defeatism. The reason Helmut Mayer has become such a cult figure around here is that he just does things: no task force, no committee, just Tofurkey in the Gizmo the week you asked him for it.

The point is, let’s make a little more noise about this proposal if we really want it to happen before we all graduate. Let’s be a little optimistic. We won’t need ten years to get this passed if we put our minds to it.

TKS Staff

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