Discourse / Letters / November 5, 2008

Letter to the Editor: Knox is working together

After the issues that marred not only the student senate and TKS but the Knox campus in general, it was my pleasure to author and present the resolution for 24-hour library access as something that nearly every student could see the value in and get behind. I’m sure that we’ll see situations arise this year, particularly in student senate, that are far more controversial and divisive but for now I’m very happy to have a decent approval rating and very appreciative of the TKS endorsement.

I’ve been so pleased with the tenor of campus this year so far. Take for instance the standing weekly column that the editors of TKS have offered to the student senate; this was unheard of last year. Without sounding like a pre-school teacher, it’s so great to see campus organizations working together. As spirited and intelligent college students we, of course, still disagree; it would concern me if we didn’t. But I’ve been most struck by the way in which people approach suggestions or criticisms of an issue. Now we discuss things rather than dig our heels in or level personal attacks, we’re not hotheaded or immature. Please know that I don’t mean to vilify the student leaders of last year in the least.

Next item on our agenda for the end of this term/beginning of winter term will be additional prairie plots around campus; this too has been met with overwhelming support by most students I’ve spoken with. This letter probably would have been better to submit at the end of spring term (my approval rating might not be so high then, heh heh), but here’s hoping that things stay calm and respectful but not boring and not overly ingratiating. We’re here to enjoy these four years and leave Knox having made some great friends and hopefully leaving our marks on the campus in some way.

Elaine Wilson

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