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Professor Profile: Kelly Lynn Hogan

Visiting Professor of Theater Kelly Hogan brought with her to Knox several years of professional acting and directing experience when she began teaching during the winter of 2007. She has taught several classes since then, including acting, literature, and first-year preceptorial.

“My FP class is fabulous,” said Hogan.

Hogan earned her undergraduate degree from Knox in 1992 and completed her M.A. at New York University. Upon graduation, Hogan found work in Chicago and became part of the theater scene there as well as co-founder of the Vitalist Theater with professor of theater Elizabeth Carlin-Metz.

Hogan, however, always had strong inclinations towards mentoring, so when Carlin-Metz approached her about becoming a visiting professor at Knox, she jumped at the opportunity.

“I know the culture at Knox, and I love the culture here,” said Hogan. “You discover yourself in an environment like Knox.”

She is able to advise students not only on how to develop their theatrical skills, but also about marketing themselves in order to find jobs after they graduate.

Hogan is interested in the theories behind theater and developing actors into their characters. Acting requires people to use their bodies in order to create new personas.

“I love watching them learn acting. It’s in the body,” said Hogan.

Acting also helps students develop their life skills, such as confidence, public speaking, and listening to others.

“That’s the same thing as being a valuable human being,” said Hogan.

Hogan had taught before in a K-12 environment, as well as professional classes. However, she has enjoyed teaching at the college level.

“I absolutely fell in love with the doing of teaching,” said Hogan. “I felt honored to contribute to and learn from the environment at Knox.”

Laura Miller

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