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Spotlight on a Senator: Alison Ehrhard

Sophomore Alison Ehrhard is a Senator in her first term of office, and like many others, she comes with a number of ideas of action she hopes to see in Student Senate.

“I wasn’t on Senate last year,” Ehrhard said, “but I feel like I see a lot of changes that the school could make, and I feel like I could have a good voice to do that, and to represent my district.”

Ehrhard, representing the Conger-Neal district, is very conscious of the student-Senator information situation on campus.

“I don’t know how I would go about this,” Ehrhard said, “but Senate as a whole needs to work on communicating with campus. Many senators seem to be voting more on what they think, and not on what their constituents want. Like with the upcoming wireless issue, I don’t think many students know about it.”

Besides Senate issues, Ehrhard thinks local and national news could be better presented to students through printed publications.

“I know Student Senate tried to do this last year, but one of my ideas I wanted to work on was to have more access to newspapers on campus, as in not just have it in the library in that one little area. [Noel Sherrard] said that it would cost $30,000, but I think he wanted to have one paper per person. I think that we should have maybe one or two in the Gizmo, or maybe a selection of the big national and regional papers, a set for the Gizmo, a set for the Caf during breakfast. Since I’m on the Residential Quality of Life Committee, I could work on this through that, or just write a resolution.”

Cable news is also on Ehrhard’s mind to bring in greater quantity to campus, and to provide a wider selection of views.

“Other ideas are with the cable service,” Ehrhard said. “We only get CNN and CSPAN, but most major universities get Fox, MSNBC, and all of the major [news] stations. I may not agree with Fox, but we should have what everyone else has.”

Overall, Senator Ehrhard feels confronted by many of the same blocks to action that many previously uninvolved students feel as they try to get involved in Senate. That, above all, is something she would like to see changed.

“Possibly, the Communications chair should take a more active role in [student awareness of Senate],” Ehrhard said. “Maybe the website [for Senate] could show how students could be more involved with Senate.”

Andrew Polk

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