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Choosing and using sex toys

On Friday November 7, SASS hosted a sex toy party in the Compass Room at the Townhouse Residences. The event began at 8 p.m., with the attendees snacking on stuffed breadsticks from Alfano’s Pizzeria.

The event was not so much a party, but more of an informational workshop on various sex toys. The speaker, Searah Deysach, is one of the owners of Early to Bed, a website and a store in Chicago that not only sells sex toys, but aims to provide useful, honest and accurate information regarding sex as well as create an inclusive, safe and welcoming shopping environment. The store caters to all genders, sexual orientations, and tastes, and strives to treat customers with seriousness and respect.

“Years ago while shopping at an overpriced sex store I asked the sales clerk what the best lube for anal sex was, and was given a weird look,” said Deysach,. “Since then, I wanted to open a sex toy shop where the prices are reasonable, the customers are treated with friendliness and can have their questions answered correctly.”

This is not the first time Deysach, has visited Knox.

“She was here two years ago when I was a freshman,” said junior and SASS treasurer Ashley Atkinson, “and everyone loved her so much that we knew we had to have her come again. This is the kind of information that is not taught a lot.”

The info session began with an anatomy lesson that included a stuffed vulva puppet, which Deysach, used to point out the correct location and function of each part. Deysach explained the importance of the clitoris, noting that without clitoral stimulation women cannot achieve an orgasm.

She also talked about that elusive G-Spot, which causes sexual arousal, intense orgasms, and female ejaculations in some women. The G-Spot is a spongy tissue on the inside wall of the vagina that, if stimulated, can cause intense sexual arousal (or just an urge to pee). Some women may not have one. It can generally be reached by making a “come hither” motion with one’s finger inside a woman’s vagina.

Then Deysach, discussed masturbation and it benefits.

“Touching yourself is a great way to learn what pleases you,” she said.

Masturbation also has its health benefits, including stress relief, relaxation, sleep aid, increase in blood circulation, immunity boost, release of endorphins, which is a mood boost, and a reduced risk of prostate cancer in men.

Deysach, had a table with various dildos, vibrators, penis sleeves, and personal lubricants from the Early to Bed store set up. She then explained different types of lubricants, advising the audience to avoid using lube with sucrose content in it.

“Sugar is not a vagina’s friend,” she said.

The table’s dildo display contained examples made out of glass, plastic, rubber, silicone and gel. She advised those who never used a dildo before to use a smaller sized one, since most men’s penises in real life are not as big as portrayed in the Porn industry. Interesting bit of dildo trivia: the oldest discovered dildo is over 30, 000 years old from the Paleolithic Period, and that cultures throughout history used dildos ever since people figured out that there are “holes in people to put things in,” said Deysach.

Next came the vibrator information. The table display contained several kinds, including a small vibrator that fits on a person’s finger nicknamed “Fiona,” a silver bullet vibrator, a vibrator with a bunny ear-shaped attachment that stimulates the clitoris at the same time and a vibrating “cock ring.”

Other toys showed were butt plugs and plastic anal beads. Deysach, joked that “your butt is smarter than you are,” and that if you feel any pain or discomfort when using anal toys, it is your body’s way of telling to stop doing it.

She was very serious about emphasizing responsibility and hygiene when using sex toys. Vibrators need to be cleaned and sanitized before and after use. Dildos need to be sterilized with soap, and silicone ones preferably boiled in hot water. Sex toys should not be shared, or ever go from someone’s anus into a vagina.

After the talk ended around 9:35 p.m., students crowded around the table to inspect the toys and ask Deysach, any additional questions they had.

“I thought the event was very informative,” said senior Ashley Blazina “My favorite part was learning about the anus toys. They do not teach you this stuff in Sex Ed.”

Poli Blintsovskaya

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