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Diminished Capacity releases second issue

Luring college students with the prospect of food is definitely one way to start a party. Last week, flyers were posted everywhere advertising free cheese at the Diminished Capacity release party. However, though the food probably helped, it was not necessary. The blend of comedy, story telling and mingling with the authors was more than enough to celebrate the release of Diminished Capacity’s second online issue.

As one of Quiver’s three online genre publications, Diminished Capacity features original comedic literature and art by Knox students. The newest of the three Quiver publications (which also includes The Third Level as well as Wynken, Blynken, and Nod), Diminished Capacity’s first issue was released in January of this year with a total of four stories. However, this issue boasts eight original works, including six short stories, a poem, and a cartoon. These works run the comedic gamut from witty satire to the completely absurd.

“We try to put in as much of a variety as we can and represent as many different types of humor as possible,” said senior and editor Larissa Roy.

At the release party, there were plenty of opportunities to check out the wide range of comedic efforts. Students milled about the lounge, chatting with the humorists and, of course, eating free cheese before several students read excerpts from their stories to the crowd.

Scott Couturier, also an editor for Diminished Capacity, began by reading “Barry, My Newt” by Zack Lencioni, which was an elegy dedicated to the life and times of Barry, an anole whose life was filled with drama. Sophomore Sam Martone followed with a short story focused on a superhero whose fantastic exploits seem to have lost their luster in the new, corporate-sponsored realm of crime-fighting entitled “Issue #537: The Last Gleaming of The Legendary Mediocre Hero.”

Next to be read was Ems Ginsburg with “An Appeal for a Return to Common Human Decency.” In this short story, several college students in an off-beat political club, Anarchists for Complete and Utter Change, attempt to sabotage the campaign of a political candidate.

The final story of the night was Ben Lee’s “Buchav Shlep,” where the history of Earth’s first week is documented in a recently found holy scripture which indicates God was up to far more than just making people, animals, and vegetables.

After the stories were presented, the audience was able to look up more works on the several laptops set up around Ferris Lounge. However, with so many people present, some had to wait a while to check out all the works.

Couturier has noticed this increase in interested readers and writers for Diminished Capacity as new classes come in each year.

“Seeing everyone turn out and speak their pieces was a wonderful experience,” said Couturier.

Devinne Stevens

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