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Eco-Week tries to raise awareness on campus

Signs made out of recycled cardboard marked the events during Eco-Week (November 10-14) sponsored by KARES (Knox Advocates for Recycling and Environmental Support). It is a Fall Term precursor to another KARES sponsored event, Earth Week, to educate people about KARES as a club and what they do for the environment.

Abby Pardick ’10 said the purpose of Eco-Week was “to raise environmental awareness on campus.”

Eco-Week started on Monday with a letter writing party where students wrote different organizations about environmental issues and to political prisoners. Ten to 15 people came, and everyone wrote two or three letters.

Deana Rutherford, the KARES member who organized the letter writing party, said, “I found a couple of examples of letters being written for environmental campaigns. There was one to stop oil drilling in national parks in Belize, and another one to stop Wal-Mart from marketing this line of jewelry called ‘Love Earth’, which they claim is eco-friendly, but it’s really not. And then Vicky [Daza, ’10] has a few friends who are political prisoners that we sent letters to just to cheer them up.”

Other Eco Week events involve watching tapes of the Bioneers conferences in Post Lobby on Tuesday, a pizza dinner at the Eco House with an environment-themed Family Feud game afterwards on Wednesday, the Big Green Meeting, a discussion and informational forum, on Thursday, and the Eco Rap and an environment-themed Off Knox featuring art, poetry, etc. on Friday.

Sheena Leano

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