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Spotlight on a Senator: Money on his mind: Max Galloway-Carson

Sophomore senator Maxwell Galloway-Carson is the final senator from the Small House district to be interviewed for this term’s Spotlight on a Senator series, but he definitely is not the last to be heard on important Senate issues.

“I think there’s a lot of money issues on the campus,” Galloway-Carson said.

Given that allocating club funds is one of Student Senate’s most important duties, the fact that such little time is given to discussion of it troubles the new senator.

“Really, the money is my main concern right now,” Galloway-Carson said. “We debate about the finances the least of anything when it should be our primary concern.”

Lack of time given to discussion of the Student Senate Discretionary Fund and its allocations is not even the main part of the situation.

“A lot of the problem with that is a complete lack of information,” Galloway-Carson said. “We’re given maybe a blurb about what’s given the money, maybe not even that, maybe just the name of the club. And we don’t know what it’s for, what they’re doing with it, and I don’t know why, but there’s a tremendous amount of pressure to just be done with it and to not even talk about it, just to pass it. “

As a first-term senator, the learning curve has been somewhat steep to get to such important and complex issues.

“Before this term, I’d never been to a senate meeting,” Galloway-Carson said. “I didn’t know how it [worked] and a lot of this was just getting used to the procedure. In the last meeting, I was the one who brought about the vote in the wireless initiative.”

Having run on a platform of sustainability and satire, Galloway-Carson hopes to become more involved in efforts such as the prairie plots.

“Sustainability is something I want to go after,” Galloway-Carson said. “I’m going to check up on the prairie plot people. I wasn’t named to the committee, and I’m not upset about that, but it’s something I’m in favor of. A lot of the promises that I ran on were sustainability things, including independence from foreign oil, which isn’t that big of a deal at Knox, but it should be something that we are able to claim. It was also a satirical piece. I also promised a Navy, that’s not on the table of course, but sustainability is one of the main things I’m going to go after.”

While desirable, the Lake Storey fleet may have to be put on hold, as more pressing issues dominate the senator’s current goals.

“[Transparency] is actually the number one way to put this in the right direction,” Galloway-Carson said. “If I were to change something about Senate, I would have the Finance Committee … I would have the general Senate body be the de-facto Finance Committee, in that everyone would make proposals to all of us, because that is the most important thing that Senate does.”

Andrew Polk

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