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Free Store: Back in business

As you may have noticed, the Free Store was not operating often in Wallace last term and rumors have been swirling that it may be danger of staying closed.

Just goes to show that the rumor mill can be deceiving. The Free Store will be reopening this term in its new location in Conger-Neal basement.

“I’m trying to have it open by next week,” said junior Elyse Callahan. “[Wednesday] night we are going to start unpacking stuff and setting up.”

The times when it is open may be slightly different than before because they revolved largely around meal times, but the times will be announced to campus in the near future.

“It’s going to be afternoons, evenings, weekends. I’m trying to figure out what times work best for people,” said Callahan.

Along with the change to the location and, potentially to the hours, the Free Store is also growing behind the scenes.

“Everyone who works is getting their own set of keys,” said Callahan. “Mostly it is liability and also it makes it easier for everyone who works there.”

Up to this point there was only one set of keys under Callahan’s name that everyone who worked the Free Store had to share.

The Free Store had been in the small room in the back of Wallace Lounge last year during the fall and winter before it outgrew its space and expanded into Wallace Lounge. This location, however, was not meant to be permanent because of ongoing plans to renovate it.

Callahan worked closely with Campus Life to find a new location for the Free Store.

“There are not a lot of spaces, at least in my mind, where something like that could go to,” said Callahan.

The new location in the Quads could be a convenient location for students who wish to use the Free Store.

“Conger Neal basement was the best [option] I had,” said Callahan, “It’s really accessible to most people.”

The rumor of closure seems to have originated from the end of spring term when several people just dumped things they did not want to take with them in Wallace Lounge during Senior Week, resulting in the space looking slightly less than organized.

“Nobody really wanted to shut it down, they just wanted to make sure it was sanitary,” said Callahan.

Anjali Pattanayak

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