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Dance workshop will be a ‘complete body workout’

Terpsichore Dance Collective has arranged for Chicago dancer William Gill to teach daily classes at Knox during a one-week dance residency, running January 19 through January 23. Classes will display a diverse range of styles, including hip-hop, modern dance, jazz, and horton — which Terpsichore dancer junior Karin Rudd explains as a “codified technique of modern dance, involving a rigid, complete body workout.”

Gill’s classes have been taking place in the Auxiliary Gym and are free to all Knox students who show up. Observations are also welcome, in the case of workshops being full, or for those interested in watching but not necessarily participating. The schedule for Gill’s residency is listed at the end of this article.

Jaimie Eubanks, senior and member of Terpsichore, explained the inspiration for bringing Gill to Knox.

“A few students, myself included, met William Gill last year, doing the Chicago Dance Project. He was teaching at Joel Hall Dance Center, and, well, what can I say…we loved his classes. At the time, he was in the middle of call-backs for a fancy stage production of Dirty Dancing, and from what I understand he got the part, which is totally cool,” she said.

“He’s so encouraging, the type of teacher who will really help you, but push you at the same time. He’s amazing,” said Rudd.

“His classes are challenging, but he keeps things upbeat,” Eubanks said.

Gill’s dance credits include training at Columbia College, Joseph Holmes American Dance Theatre, and Deeply Rooted Productions, as well as experience teaching at Joel Hall Dance Center. He has also performed for the Bryant Ballet, and can be seen dancing in the movie “Hoodlums,” alongside cast members Cicely Tyson and Queen Latifah.

“We’ve got a great dance program at Knox, but it’s always nice to get some new people in to give a fresh perspective. Terpsichore brings in a residency almost every year, and the workshops are always fantastic. I loved taking classes with Gill last year in Chicago, and I hope that other students will enjoy the experience as much as I did,” Eubanks said.

Rudd said, “It’s nice to bring in somebody new and have them teach, and my hope is that by offering dance residencies, we will be able to draw in students who might not have otherwise considered taking classes.”

Gill’s dance residency is not the only opportunity available to Knox students this term to learn some new and dynamic dance moves. Studio dance classes, which are taught by students, are also being offered by Terpsichore on a weekly basis. They will take place on Wednesday evenings from 5:45 until 7:00 p.m. in the Auxiliary Gym. Classes just started up for the term, and are also open to anyone on campus. They will be showcasing a number of dance styles, such as belly dance, hip-hop, modern, and ballet.

Monday, Jan. 19th: Modern, 12-1:10 PM, Hip-Hop 6-8 PM

Tuesday, Jan. 20th: Jazz, 6-8 PM

Wednesday, Jan. 21st: Modern, 12-1:10 PM, Hip-Hop 6-8 PM

Thursday, Jan. 22nd: Jazz, 6-8 PM

Friday, Jan. 23rd: Modern, 12-1:10 PM, Choreographer’s Workshop 2:40-3:50

Deanna Wendel

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