Arts & Culture / Mosaic / February 11, 2009

“One Bite” exhibition

The Box Gallery, an old warehouse in Galesburg, echoed with music and subdued chatter as people circulated to view the variety of art on display at the “One Bite” art show and ate the bite-sized snacks that participating art students had supplied. The Open Studio class was holding a preliminary showing of some of their new art prior to the upcoming spring art show. Thirteen students displayed their art at the exhibit.

“One Bite” was meant to provide an overview of what the Open Studio students have been working on this term. Because of its timing during the middle of term, many students were not able to show their favorite pieces, although they will have the opportunity to do so during the spring show.

Senior Jonathan Sulinski, who showcased a painting, said “The reason this is called ‘One Bite’ is because this is a sampling of each artist before they present in the spring. This is just a teaser to get people interested.”

The art on display ranged from photography and painting to film and abstract sculpture. The works on display were in various states of completion, from technically and conceptually complete to works in progress or in the experimental stage. Open Studio and the “One Bite” show seem to be very much about students discovering and clarifying their own artistic concepts.

Senior Jill Bergantz talked a bit about the development of her art. She said, “For me in my work, the materials I’m using influence the work… all my work is very bodily; the work stems in a large way from the connections I find in science.”

Galesburg community members and Knox students as well as faculty were present at “One Bite” on Friday, the 6th. Students disaplying their art were seniors Paige Rohweder, Sulinski, Angelo Kozonis, Bergantz, Taramaria Hood, Matt Rosso, Rianna Sprague, Tim Stedman, Julia Ricciardi, Mary Hintzen, and Carrie Ramig as well as Post-Baccalaureate students Selena Jones and Katie Bell.

Ben Reeves

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