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Pam Schuller’s Improv Show: ‘8th Grade Bullies’

Senior Pam Schuller’s latest comedy show, “8th Grade Bullies,” came out for three improv shows last weekend in Knox’s studio theater.

“8th Grade Bullies” was a short form show, meaning it was all games as opposed to last term’s play with longer scenes, directed by senior Pam Schuller.

The show consisted of 13 games, some involving a few cast members while others involved the whole cast. Many of the games involved suggestions or lines from the audience.

If I were to sum up the performance in one word, I would say it was entertaining. Some moments were laugh-out-loud funny, and while others weren’t, they were all enjoyable to watch.

The cast, which was comprised of Schuller, junior Lindsey Murrell, senior Michael Callahan, freshman Isaac Miller, sophomore Tim Lovett, sophomore Nate Hults, and freshman Kelly Kriegshauser, was absolutely stellar.

Miller, Schuller, and Lovett stood out the most in this already hilarious cast.

The audience stayed involved throughout the show. Each seat was adorned with a number or word combination such as “18,” which was my number, though I did not get picked, or “Spice Girl.” All of these phrases were put into a bowl, and prior to each game a cast member picked one out of the bowl and whoever was seated on the designated phrase got to pick which game was played. The audience was also asked for suggestions on themes for the games separately.

Highlights included “A-Do-Run,” in which Kriegshauser stood out for her super silly response and singing, and “Party Quirks,” where guests at a party hosted by a confused Callahan was included Hults, who was turning into animal, Murrell, who was experiencing the five stages of grief in rapid succession, and Lovett, who was a necrophiliac Nazi. Lovett was hilarious; he could have easily been Dr. Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. His flamboyant German really stole the scene.

The most entertaining game was called “Try Again.” In this game, the actors were told to re-do lines when another cast member told them to do so. Callahan and Miller played brothers. Miller, the younger brother, stole Callahan’s girlfriend. It was amazing how much the story could change with a few different lines. Miller and Callahan were great and had wonderful stage chemistry.

The show closed with “Soaked.” It involved a bucket of water and a hypothetical party at Sigma Nu. Miller, Lovett and Hults had to stick their heads into a bucket of water, one at a time, while the other acted. When they couldn’t take it anymore, the bucket dweller summoned another person in the scene. The dry person had to explain their leaving and the wet person had to explain why they were a little damp. The reason this scene was good other than the shock factor of the bucket was the line said by Miller, “Just because I’m a Sigma Nu doesn’t mean people can just piss on me.”

“8th Grade Bullies” was a great improv show. The games were funny and held the audience, and the cast was wonderful. It was certainly a show worth seeing.

Megan Young

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